In 1976 a young attorney/actuary purchased a small pension consulting firm.  With perseverance and hard work, Bernard Forseter developed that small pension administration business into a larger employee benefits consulting company.  Along the way there were a number of mergers and spin-offs.  The firm is now called DCP Retirement Services, LLC.

DCP serves almost three hundred clients throughout the nation. We work on plans of small and large private-sector employers, on union plans, and on plans of not-for-profit organizations. DCP looks back with pride on its growth over the years. QUALITY

When the firm was first established, we stated our goal clearly and simply:

“…to provide the highest quality consulting, actuarial and administration services for our clients' plans.”

Quality service continues to be our goal today and for the future. 

Our clients have ranged from sole proprietorships to publicly held companies. Our clients' plans range from the very simple to the very complex. There may be one participant in a plan, or several thousand. Their businesses represent a cross-section of American enterprise that includes  manufacturing, construction, finance, medicine, law, engineering, entertainment, publishing and retail sales.


The bulk of DCP's business comes from referrals from other service professional and satisfied clients. Although the number of referrals we receive is gratifying, we are particularly proud of our client retention.  When clients stay with us for many years, despite changing and increasingly complex federal regulations, we know that we have done a good job; that we are maintaining our goal of quality service.

"We send clients to DCP because we've known the firm for years. In all those years, they've always been incredibly honest and competent. They always take excellent care of our clients."

                                                                              Accounting firm, New York City

The principal of the firm is Bernard Forseter, a practicing attorney and actuary who specializes in employee benefits.

"Our work is based on doing what is right for the client."

Bernie was a Tax Law Specialist in the Pension Trust Branch of the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service. He is one of the very few attorneys in the country who also is an Enrolled Actuary. Bernie speaks frequently to professional and industry groups. He has written a number of articles on qualified plans. He co-authored a comprehensive manual, Administering Pension Plans, which was the core of a successful national lecture series.


Bernie participates actively in all facets of the firm - training, supervising and checking work. He believes that working closely with the staff helps the clients receive work of the highest quality.

The staff at DCP has strong professional experience in the employee benefits field. Each year they further develop their knowledge and benefit consulting skills. The firm offers in-house training programs and discussion sessions on regulatory topics. Staff members are encouraged to enroll in outside education courses and certification programs. They participate in national conferences and seminars.


DCP's staff retention is unusual in the pension industry.  All of our plan administrators have been with us more than ten years.

The experience and continuity allow our administrators to establish a special rapport with their clients and with their clients’ professional advisors. That rapport makes plan administration move efficiently and positively, with a unique degree of personal care.

"The key to quality work is the people who do it. The folks at DCP are tops!" Manufacturing company, Philadelphia

DCP Retirement Services, LLC is known for its problem-solving skills and the accuracy of its work. The qualifications and extensive practical experience of our staff allow us to tackle problem plans and situations that other firms have to turn away.  We are known throughout the employee benefits industry as "an administrator's administrator." We are often brought in by other plan administration firms that want us to assist them in resolving difficult cases.


Our firm's high level of technical competence is augmented by stringent quality control procedures to assure the accuracy of the work produced for each client.  To maintain consistently high quality, each step in the work flow is carefully supervised, and each work product is checked at various levels of review.

"We don't just check work once or twice. Each piece of work is checked three times before it leaves the office.”

"Sometimes all the review makes us nuts. Mostly, it makes us proud. We have one of the highest accuracy rates in the country."

Staff member, DCP

At DCP, the work of our staff is enhanced by a sophisticated computer system that complements our firm and the way we administer plans.  DCP can interface directly with its clients' computer systems.


Our hardware and software help us stay responsive to the needs of our clients. It is a continuing tribute to our staff and administration systems that we have been able to adapt to, and cope with, the enormous changes in the pension law and national economy over the years.

"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.”

Samuel Johnson

We have been able to help clients through numerous changes, and still provide a high quality product with a smile.  At DCP we provide services that encompass all aspects of the design, installation and administration of qualified and non-qualified employee benefit plans.

We work with a wide variety of plan documents, administrative arrangements, and types and combinations of plans. Many of our clients have multiple complex plans that require particular care and skill to operate correctly within the ever-changing federal regulations.


At DCP we work with every type of qualified plan, including profit sharing, 401(k), ESOP, money purchase, target, defined benefit and cafeteria (Section 125) plans.  Some of the services we offer include: review and analysis, benefit cost studies and comparisons, plan design and implementation, recordkeeping, benefit calculations, asset reconciliation, actuarial certification, annual report (Form 5500) filings, compliance testing, FASB statements, employee communications, claim processing, review of QDRO’s, and assistance with plan documents and software programs.  In addition to servicing our own clients, we have offered third-party administration services to brokerage houses, investment advisors, banks and insurance companies.

“... DCP consistently provides the technical answers and administration our clients need."

Brokerage house, New York City

DCP Retirement Services, LLC is a fee-for-service firm. We have no product or investment affiliation. All services are performed at a contract or hourly rate that is discussed with each client prior to the initiation of work.